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Carmen Electra wants her fans to know that she does not pole dance at a sleazy strip club in Queens.

The bombshell singer-actress has filed a federal lawsuit against La Oficina Bar in Corona for posting a sexy photo of her on the jiggle joint’s Instagram page.

The photo shows her rocking a bikini with her backside pressed up against a stripper pole. Next to the photo is the caption, “Looking good.”

“This image shows Electra in a sexually suggestive outfit and was intentionally altered to make it appear that Electra was either a stripper working at La Oficina, or endorsed the club,” according to the suit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

Also suing La Oficina are models Claudia Sanpedro, Tiffany Toth and Brenda Lee Geiger who allege their images were hijacked without consent.

No one answered the phone Monday at La Oficina which means “The Office” in Spanish, and the club’s owner could not be reached.

The plaintiffs each seek at least $75,000 for the trademark infringement and defamation, plus punitive damages.

Electra and the other women contend that by implying they work as strippers or endorse the club, they have been subject to “hatred, shame, obloquy, contumely, odium, contempt, ridicule, aversion, ostracism, degradation, or disgrace, and/or could induce an evil opinion of plaintiffs in the minds of right-thinking persons.”  [Source]

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Well…I can’t think on what to do…I really don’t want to close this site because I love what I do…But things are not the same now. I lost my job almost a year ago and I am spending a lot of money that I haven’t to bring you all the best photos here. Don’t know what to do….Any comments will be more than appreciated.

UPDATE: Hello to everyone! First of all, thanks for your sweet comments and for all the messages. Some people wrote me about donations but I don’t know why, I can’t answer your messages, don’t know if this is because your mails or it is a problem with my mail. Anyway, to everyone who wants to donate to keep the site online, please, go to this page. Thanks from the bottom of my heart! Will try my best.

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Jetting off to a remote island with an ex may sound like your own personal nightmare, but it’s the premise behind Carmen Electra’s new show, Ex-Isle, which premieres tomorrow night. A lot has changed in the two decades since Electra became a household name. There are fewer male-gaze photo spreads for her and more opportunities, like Ex-Isle and So You Think You Can Dance, where she’s flexing her hosting muscle. The Cut talked to Electra about the importance of setting boundaries, cookies in bed, and how she noticed a change in her body overnight.

How I start my day: It depends. If I’m not working, mornings are not my friend. I take my time. I never turn off my TV, so I’ll watch a little TV and then turn on my phone. I turn off my phone at nights because you have to have boundaries. Sleep is very important, especially when you start working. I made it a rule that I have to drink two bottles of water before I start my day.

How I stay hydrated: I used to drink soda, but I don’t get any caffeine any more. It’s been my New Year’s resolution [to drink water] for like seven years. Finally when I started dancing again and working on music, I noticed that I was dehydrated from being so active and consistently sweating. I started drinking water and noticed a change in my body overnight. It’s easier for me now to keep the weight off, whereas before, it was more of a struggle. Before I had to be perfectly healthy when I was drinking soda to lose weight. My skin is completely different because it’s not as dehydrated. Water has changed my life.

How I like to sweat: I don’t go to the gym every day. Usually when I’m on break, I’ve already danced a lot so I’m okay for a while. Sometimes I work out at my house. I’ll do some lunges, something simple like that. Otherwise I’ll go to the gym. I’ve only had one trainer in my life, and I realized that because of my dance background, I already have discipline and I don’t need to be pushed. I think I’ve saved a lot of money too. As a dancer, I’ve never put strict rules on my workout habits and sometimes I just want to go to the gym and do something light. 

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Carmen Electra visits The Lowdown Show with Diana Madison for I have added some new photos of Carmen Electra to the gallery. She looks soooo sexy, don’t you think?

Gallery Link:
The Lowdown Show

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Jan 02, 16 Nicky   Site Updates 0 Comment

Hello there! I just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year!!!

2016 will be a great year to Carmen. She is going to host ‘Ex Isle’ on TV next 8th January. I can’t wait to watch the show.

Also, past 20th December, Carmen Electra Fan was celebrating 8 years online! I can’t believe it! So huge thank you to everyone, it really makes me happy knowing that you’re all so amazing and we will be supporting Carmen and I am going to continue to update everyone on the latest news in the future! I still need to upload over 8000 old photos to the gallery and all the new ones! (And, I am trying to get some money to get new photos.)

If you have any suggestions or comments for this site, please, let me know. It will be more than appreciated.

Thanks to everyone and please, enjoy this new year!

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On the verge of the launch of her eponymous fragrance, Carmen Electra, a triple threat as a dancer, singer and actress, recalls working with Prince. She also shares some of the beauty tips she picked up from The Purple One and others she’s gleaned during her peripatetic Hollywood career.

What’s your first beauty memory?
When Prince signed me to his record label Paisley Park, I had my first professional photo shoot with a full team of make-up, hair, and stylists. It was so new to me, and I was very nervous at first. It didn’t take me long to start loving it. Prince actually had one of those photos enlarged, and hung in Paisley Park.

What was your biggest beauty blunder?
When a make-up artist over-ontoured my face. I’m not a fan of over contouring, but a lot of make-up artists are into that. I didn’t realize until I hit the red carpet, and later saw photos with white around my eyes, and too much contour around my forehead, cheeks, and nose.

What beauty products are currently in your purse?
MAC Haute and Naughty water proof mascara, MAC Under Age lip gloss, and a little MAC C4 Powder in case I get too shiny.

What’s your 5 minute morning routine?
I wash my face with SkinCeuticals Purifying Cleanser, apply SkinCeuticals Skin Firming Cream, a little MAC mascara, some MAC Under Age lip gloss, a light spray of my new Carmen Electra perfume, put on my sunglasses, a snap back, and I’m ready to go.

If you had an extra 10-15 minutes in your routine, how would you spend it?
I would also apply a small amount of MAC C-4 powder along with MAC Sheertone Shimmer along my cheek bones.

What’s your biggest beauty peeve?
Pencil thin drawn-on eyebrows. I like bushy natural eyebrows. I think it looks more youthful. My favorite eyebrow pencil is Anastasia Beverly Hills in Light Brown.

What are you currently obsessed with?
Lashes!  My favorite brand is Ardell Demi Wispies, or MAC #7′s. I also like different shapes and sizes, and will sometimes combine them to create my own lash. There was a time in my career when everyone wanted to tone me down, and take them away. I became used to it for a while, but now that they’re back, I’m living and loving the eyelash craze! [Source]

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Carmen Electra performs as a guest star in the Favorites of the Moon show at Leningrad Center in St Petersburg, Russia on November 28, 2015. Carmen looks so sexy!

Gallery Links:
Carmen Electra in Favorites of the Moon show – Saint Peterburg
November 25th, 2015

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WE tv is taking the words “I can’t quit you” to a whole new level as they prepare to launch the dating docu-series “Ex Isle,” hosted by Carmen Electra, on Friday, January 8 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT. “Ex Isle,” breaks the mold and brings a fresh new concept to the dating and relationship space. The show follows five former couples as they attempt to end their dysfunctional and at times tumultuous relationships in order to find closure, move on and form new healthy and loving relationships.

The couples’ journey begins on the stunning secluded resort Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic, where they are free of all distractions – no phones, no texts, no friends and no family to influence their decisions. In addition to Electra, the group will be guided through this intense and often emotional rollercoaster by Dr. Ish Major, a psychiatrist that specializes in women, children and families, who is an expert on broken relationships.

Led by Dr. Ish each couple will go through a unique, multi-step process designed to help them conquer their past issues. Along the way, show host Carmen Electra will share her own relationship stories utilizing her larger-than-life personality to help the couples get comfortable with the process. However, the couples have no time to get too comfortable because in an unexpected twist, 10 singles will arrive at the resort to shake things up and give the exes a fresh chance at love…..or not.

Will these couples finally end their troubled relationships and move forward? Find out when “Ex Isle” begins its one hour, 10 episodes run on Friday, January 8 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Visit for sneak peeks, deleted scenes and photo galleries, and blogs from “Ex Isle.” For special photos and videos, “Like” WE tv on Facebook and follow @WEtv on Twitter and Instagram.

“EX ISLE” is produced for WE tv by 495 Productions with Sally Ann Salsano, Joel Zimmer and Pam LaLima executive producing. We tv’s Lauren Gellert, EVP, Development and Original programming, David Stefanou, VP of Development and Angela Molloy, VP of Development serve as executive producers. [Source]

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