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Aug 14, 08 admin   News Comments Off on August 14th, 2008: Carmen Electra Visits Strip Clubs “For Research Purposes”!

Carmen Electra has stated on the record that she enjoys visiting strip clubs. Of course, this is for research purposes only. Why else would the ultra-sexy uber-hottie be going to a strip club? In a media interview, Electra talked about the range of striptease DVD’s that she recently released and also about the best stripping move she has ever done. ” I have a stripper pole coming out now as well, so I have had to learn how to do that upside down move on my pole,” she said in a media conference today, “But heres a secret, it really does hurt, so theres a little trick that Ive learned from a few dancers, if you wear thigh-high boots, then you dont hurt your legs as much if youre doing pole work.” OK, let me scratch my order for the thigh-highs. Oh wait, there’s more!