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Aug 26, 08 admin   News Comments Off on August 26th, 2008: Carmen Electra and Kim Kardashian Talk Disaster Movie

Carmen Electra and Kim Kardashian are about to see their famous surgically-enhanced figures pop up (and perhaps, out) everywhere as hype for “Disaster Movie” goes into full swing. Kardashian is actually appearing in her first film role, as the reality show superstar plays three different in the movie, which spoofs summer movies like Iron Man, Hancock and Wanted.Kardashian told the media, “This was my first movie. I auditioned for the role and I got it, and was really excited to work with them. The movie is about a bunch of kids who are getting out of the city because all these natural disasters are happening.”The Hollywood bloggers’ favorite bootilicious paparazzi-target beamed, “Carmen and I have a big scene together where we spoof the WWE divas, and we have a big battle!”Electra says the battle wasn’t exactly fierce. “Well you know, we actually get along really well, so it was kind of weird/ But we had fun with it. We had choreography so we just got in the ring and went for it. But you know, we would ask each other ‘Are you OK?’ after pulling each other’s hair out.”