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Aug 26, 08 admin   News Comments Off on August 26th, 2008: Kim Kardashian and Carmen Electra star in ‘Disaster’

Kim Kardashian’s first acting role was a ‘Disaster.’ The reality show star plays three characters in the rushed-to-theatres Disaster Movie, which spoofs summer movies like Iron Man, Hancock and Wanted. She and co-star Carmen Electra sat down with AP Entertainment at the recent Comic-Con convention in San Diego. “Actually I’ve worked with (directors) Aaron and Jason a bunch of times, on Epic Movie, Date Movie, the very first Scary Movie and now Disaster Movie,” Electra told AP Entertainment. “It’s just fun. Fun to work with them and I was excited to actually get a chance to work with Kim. We had a lot of fun.” Kardashian agreed: “This was my first movie. And I’d just heard that Jason and Aaron are just the most amazing directors to work with. And they really were. They brought something out of me that I didn’t think I really had at first, and totally built my confidence level in acting. I auditioned for the role and I got it, and was really excited to work with them. I play three different characters, I play a girl named Lisa who is just one of the main characters. And the movie is about a bunch of kids who are getting out of the city because all these natural disasters are happening.”The two women were eager to talk up their highlight of making the movie – a wrestling scene. “Carmen and I have a big scene together where we spoof the WWE divas, and we have a big battle,” Kardashian said.