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Mar 24, 09 admin   News Comments Off on Carmen Electra And Jay Mohr Add Class To Leisure Suit Larry

A couple of relatively not safe for work videos demonstrate the Oscar-worthy voice acting performances of Carmen Electra and Jay Mohr in Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust.Box Office Bust, which was picked up by Codemasters after Activision Blizzard wisely dropped it from their lineup, features the return of Larry Lovage from the previous game in the series, who takes a summer job working on the film lot of the original Leisure Suit Larry, Larry Laffer. Carmen plays Ginger Vitus, a porn star trying to become a mainstream actress, which sounds like a real stretch for her. Jay Mohr plays some guy named Kip, and apparently spent his teenage years ruining socks. *sigh*While the nudity from the last game won’t make a reappearance, it seems like Team 17 has more than made up for it in sheer crudeness. Check out Mohr’s clip below for even more “hilarity”. [Source]