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Jan 21, 09 admin   News Comments Off on Electra: I care for Dave very much

Carmen Electra has revealed that she is still good friends with her ex husband, rocker Dave Navarro.The former Baywatch star married the former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist in November 2003 but divorced him three years later.However, Carmen has spoken about their relationship and insists they are still good friends.She said: “Dave and I are very good friends. We will always have a strong connection and understanding of each other.”We will always stay in contact, and care very much for each other.”The actress and Playboy model is now engaged to Rob Patterson, the former Korn guitarist, but said they don’t have any immediate plans to get married. “We are happy and content being engaged. There’s no rush and no pressure. We want to take our time,” she said.Carmen stars in Disaster Movie, a spoof film directed by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, which is out on DVD this week.She said: “I love working with Aaron and Jason. They’re so much fun. We worked together on Meet The Spartans, Epic Movie and Date Movie. I always have a great time when shooting their movies.”As well as making films, Carmen wants to focus on music this year, and is also in talks to launch a fashion range. “I would love to start working on music again. I also have an interest in fashion. I would love to start a line of lingerie, work out gear, and swimwear. I also tend to be a workaholic, so a vacation would me nice. I’m thinking Hawaii, it’s my favourite place.” [Source]