Carmen Electra Fan

CARMEN ELECTRA is preparing for a long engagement to KORN guitarist ROB PATTERSON – because the actress wants to ensure her third marriage doesn’t end in divorce.The couple became engaged in April (08) but Electra insists she won’t be succumbing to pressure from friends and family to set a date after two failed unions to rocker Dave Navarro and former basketball star Dennis Rodman.She says, “We both feel like there’s no rush. I think that when you have the past history that I have and you’ve been married and divorced quite a few times, it’s kind of nice to take baby steps, it’s good for me.” But the Playboy pin-up insists she is keen to put her wild ways behind her and settle down to build a family.She adds, “I definitely want to be a mom someday. I’ve done everything except for that. Soon – not right now – but soon.” [Source]


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