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Feb 09, 08 admin   News Comments Off on February 09th, 2008: Movie Review – Meet The Spartans

The makers of Meet The Spartans are real chancers. Marketed as a spoof movie parodying epic films, and 300 in particular – Meet The Spartans is a jambalaya of pop culture references. And it’s not even done well to begin with. First of all, we have had enough Britney Spears jokes (her life has succumbed to some titles, wouldn’t you agree?) to last us all three lifetimes. Heck, E! Entertainment makes sure we won’t ever forget the fallen pop princess. Even after sitting through the toilet humour, everyone and their mammas groping Carmen Electra and her lady lumps, and the OTT homosexual remarks, I see yet another Spears parody. The story is basically set in a land where men hi-five their wives and slap their male peers with a tongue in mouth wet kiss as a greeting . These macho testosterone-filled baddies set out to defend their land from an invasion by the mighty king Xerxes, who happens to be the fat guy from Borat. So first they battle one of Xerxes’ crew, led by rapper Method Man – who shouldn’t be wasting his good looks on such horrendous films – in a dance-off. With Eve’s Tambourine playing on an ipod, they regurgitate moves from films like Stomp The Yard, You Got Served and Dancing With The Stars. When they are done trying to discredit rap, they put the spotlight on American Idol, dissing everyone from Ryan Seacrest to the judges to runner-up Sanjay (screaming “I’m Not Gay” before being thrown into the Death Pit). Meet the Spartans may just prove that Americans must not like themselves. Or perhaps that the makers are just lazy idiots trying to make a quick buck. Either way I bet the Wayans brothers are overjoyed that there is finally an extraordinarily bad spoof that wasn’t their brainchild on circuit. [Source]