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“I Want Candy” is a raucous comedy focusing around a group of film students living in London and the misadventures they run into while trying to make a film.The group of students, having trouble getting a film they wrote produced, decide to make a pornographic film starring semi-retired porn star Candy Fiveways, played by Carmen Electra. After finally getting her to agree, the trouble begins when the only set available is the home of one of the students.Carmen Electra was perfect for the role of Candy Fiveways. Electra simply oozed sensuality every time that she was on screen. Her chemistry with the other stars of the film was wonderful. In the film, Fiveways falls in love with one of the students, Baggy, played by Tom Burke, and the two played off of each other perfectly.The one weak point of this film was that with the way it was filmed, it seemed to hold the same production budget as the fictional film being made in the movie. There was next to no variety in the sets and their designs it seemed that the characters were somewhat stationary for the entire film.If you’re looking for a raucous, raunchy comedy, with just a little bit of sex appeal, “I Want Candy” is right for you. [Source]