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Jan 25, 08 admin   News Comments Off on January 25th, 2008: ‘Rambo’ goes monster hunting at the box office

This weekend at the movies, there will be blood.Lions Gate’s “Rambo” — with 61-year-old action hero Sylvester Stallone reprising one of his signature roles for the first time since the Reagan administration — opens today with a shot to supplant Paramount Pictures’ monster hit “Cloverfield” atop the box-office charts.The fourth film in the action series already has set one franchise record: Its “body count” of 236 killings is the highest yet, said a professor of national security studies at Ohio State who watched an advance copy using the pause button a lot. Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. has peppered TV shows such as “American Gladiators” and Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim” lineup with commercials aimed at 17-to-24-year-old males. The R-rated movie has a built-in audience of over-35 guys eagerly awaiting the return of reluctant warrior John Rambo, last seen in 1988 helping Afghanistan’s mujahadeen rebels fight the Soviet empire.”Hopefully, what our advertising has done is introduce ‘Rambo’ to a whole new generation of younger males,” said Steve Rothenberg, the studio’s domestic distribution president.