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Jan 27, 08 admin   News Comments Off on January 27th, 2008: Go tell the Spartans: This movie is not funny at all

It’s not quite a drinking game, but the best way — the last way — to get any fun out of that exhausted “movie genre spoof” is to count the number of films the latest “Scary Movie”/”Epic Movie” sends up. Then count the laughs. If the latter outnumbers the former, you’re golden.No such luck with “Meet the Spartans,” a.k.a. “Epic Movie 2.” These cut-and-paste comedies are so worn out that they long ago ran out of genre movies to goof on and now have devolved to simple pop-culture riffs in the “Mad TV” sketch-comedy vein. Some “Mad TV” cast members show up to do their celeb impersonations here.There still are more movies referenced than laugh-out-loud moments in this latest, a straight “300” parody that is anything but “straight.”A C-list cast including Carmen Electra, Kevin Sorbo, Diedrich Bader and “that fat guy from ‘Borat’ ” (Ken Davitian) don Greek wear, banana hammocks and fake six-packs and flop around in front of blue-screen effects.To little effect.