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Jan 31, 08 admin   News Comments Off on January 31st, 2008: Tasteless parody does a 180 on ‘300’

So much has been written about the homoeroticism in the film 300 that any spoofis bound to seem like overkill.Fortunately, overkill is what Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer do best.As the uncontested titans of the parody genre (with fingers in everything from the Scary Movie franchise to the more recent Epic Movie), they continue to prove that ridiculing other movies is much easier than making your own.In Meet the Spartans, King Leonidas (Sean Maguire) and 13 faithful boyfriends — er, soldiers — face the Persians and an avalanche of pop-culture detritus.While a slutty Queen Margo (Carmen Electra, of course) tries to distract the men from one another, celebrity not-so-look-alikes and unfunny reality-show takeoffs vie for our attention and gag reflex.Meet the Spartans is best described by the reaction of a row of what looked like sixth-graders — sitting near me during the screening — as various Spartans slipped one another the tongue: Eew! [Source]