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Jun 07, 08 admin   News Comments Off on June 07th, 2008: Carmen and Rob take part in high-speed desert race action

Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey isn’t the only celebrity with a penchant for racing. Owen Wilson’s brother Luke, hip hop star Snoop Doggy Dog and Bothers & Sisters actor Rob Lowe are fans, too. All three took to the driving seat at a celebrity car chase in California’s Mojave Desert this week.Model Carmen Electra was among the famous faces helicoptered out to the race track 80 miles outside LA for the action. While the boys pulled on helmets and revved up to take part in the race, however, Carmen was given the task of getting things started by waving the chequered start flags in traditional fashion.The celebrity participants were flexing their competitive muscles in new versions of the Dodge Challenger, the old edition of which was immortalised in 1971 thriller Vanishing Point. Since then it’s been brought to the attention of a whole new generation of film fans by Quentin Tarantino who featured it in Death Proof. [Source]