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Jun 26, 08 admin   News Comments Off on June 26th, 2008: Carmen Electra Takes It Slow With Possible Third Marriage

Carmen Electra is giving the marriage thing a go for the third time. This time to Korn guitarist Rob Patterson.The announced their engagement during Electra’s 36th birthday party in Las Vegas back in April, and now he’s sporting a black diamond engagement ring, which she say she loves.“I like this ring because it is gothic,” Carmen told People recently.AS mentioned, she already done the marriage thing before. Electra was previously married to NBA star Dennis Rodman, then to rocker Dave Navarro, which was on display for their MTV reality show. This time, however, she says she wants to take it slow. In fact, she hasn’t even set a date yet.“You have to stay connected and make an effort,” Electra told the magazine. “We’re taking it slow and have no wedding date yet. We have been friends for eight years and even had one date a long time ago. We connect on a lot of different levels.”So what about kids? She wants em, she’s just not sure when yet.“Someday we probably will,” she said. “Deep down, I feel like I’m ready. But it’s a big commitment. I don’t know.”Hopefully it works this time for you Carmen. Congrats from Fn’ Famous. [Source]