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Sep 01, 08 admin   News Comments Off on Kim and Carmen get physical

Carmen Electra and Kim Kardashian loved wrestling each other in their new movie.The two sexy stars roll around scantily clad, grabbing each other’s body parts in comedy Disaster Movie – and really enjoyed it.Carmen said: “I actually met Kim before but this is the first chance I’ve actually gotten to know her, physically gotten to know her. Because we are, like you know, you have to get to a certain comfort level when you’re, you know, down in these dirty positions. I love it, she’s hot so it’s fun.”It’s playful and fun, and you know we have a wrestling scene, so we get in the wrestling ring, and you know, sort of end up in all these different sexy positions and there’s hair pulling, and you know, moans and noises, and it’s fun. I mean I love, sort of, playing with the sexy idea of, you know, girls wrestling.”Reality TV star Kim was just as enthusiastic but a bit wary at first.She said: “First of all it’s so intimidating. You’re wearing like leotards and just nothing, and you have to wrestle Carmen Electra, so that’s pretty intimidating for me because she’s like half my size, but she was amazing, and she really like helped me through it, and that was such a fun scene. That was probably my favourite.”Disaster Movie is released in cinemas nationwide on September 5. [Source]