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Aug 29, 08 admin   News Comments Off on Kim Kardashian & Carmen Electra talk fitness, film and fame

Carmen Electra, in a low-cut gold minidress, captures every photographer’s attention as she steps out on a patio overlooking the Pacific. Her hair catches the ocean breeze as if on cue. Even her fiance is transfixed. He snaps a few photos with his cellphone. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian, wearing a tight tank top and slim-fitting skirt, waits in the wings for the cameras to point her way.Is a battle of the babes brewing? Hardly. Today the two women are sharing a photo shoot, but they fight it out World Wrestling Entertainment-style in their new film, “Disaster Movie,” which hits theatres Friday.Electra, 36, and Kardashian, 27, sat down with The Associated Press to talk about the film, their fitness videos and life in the spotlight.AP: What made you want to do “Disaster Movie”?Kardashian: This is my first movie and I’ve just heard that Jason and Aaron are the most amazing directors to work with. … I auditioned for the role and I got it and I was really excited to work with them. … Carmen and I have a big scene together where we spoof the WWE Divas and we have a big battle.AP: How real was the battle?Electra: We actually get along really well so it was kind of weird. But we had fun with it. We had choreography so we got in the ring and just went for it. But we would ask each other, “Are you OK?” after pulling each other’s hair out. It was really fun. I feel a second career in wrestling.