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Mar 26, 08 admin   News Comments Off on March 26th, 2008: Carmen Electra ready to settle down

Carmen Electra is ready to settle down and start a family.The former ‘Baywatch’ star said she is madly in love with her Korn guitarist boyfriend Rob Patterson, and wishes to have his child. The couple began dating last month.Electra, 35, said, “I have pictured myself as a mother for many years and I can’t wait to fulfil that wish. I am really happy at the moment.” The 35-year-old actress was previously married to rocker Dave Navarro and basketball player Dennis Rodman. Electra is so infatuated with Patterson the pair have ditched their partying lifestyles and now prefer staying in together.”We never go out. We love just being together at home,” Patterson, 37, said.Electra reportedly plans to move in with him.Last week, she displayed her commitment with a new tattoo. The actress’ representative confirmed Electra has had an ‘R’ inked behind her left ear as a tribute.Earlier this month, one of Electra’s friends said, “Rob swept her off her feet. It’s really nice to see her happy after getting her heart broken.” [Source]