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May 03, 08 admin   News Comments Off on May 03rd, 2008: Carmen Electra showcases black love rock

American glamour model Carmen Electra is full of smiles as she proudly shows off her fiance musician Rob Patterson and her huge black diamond engagement ring. Electra had got engaged to Patterson two weeks ago, and she just could not stop talking about it as she hosted a launch party to find a new assistant for the Most Interesting Man In The World in Austin last night.”This relationship is different than the others,” the Sun quoted her as having told People magazine. “It’s so special. We both feel it’s an important thing right now, and we want to keep everything special, so we’re keeping everything secret for now. “It’s a black diamond (ring), perfect for us. Different it’s our style. Tis is a really happy time for both of us,” she said.”We actually went out on a date like, eight years ago, while he was on tour. And then we sort of just went our own way with everything, then we reconnected about six months ago. We started off as friends and then everything has just gone on from there. It’s really beautiful,” she revealed. Electra was asked about the wedding date and where it was to take place, but she replied that the plans have not gone so far.”We don’t have a date set or anything planned yet. We just want to take our time and really enjoy being together. We could be engaged for a while. We want to take things slow. It’s a really serious commitment for us, and it’s beautiful,” she added. Carmen has previously been hitched to Dave Navarro and Dennis Rodman. [Source]