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May 26, 08 admin   News Comments Off on May 26th, 2008: Carmen Electra To Launch Stripper Pole Enterprise

Having already released a line of stripper-themed work out DVDs including Carmen Electra’s “Aerobic Striptease,” Carmen Electra’s “Fit to Strip” and Carmen Electra’s “The Lap Dance and Hip Hop,” professional sex symbol Carmen Electra is now lending her name to a new line of ‘home stripper poles.’Electra was quoted by Fox News, saying, “I am so excited to have a new pole coming out, a portable stripper pole. The great thing about my portable pole is you can put it in your own living room or you can do the workout in your bedroom”, adding, “no one has to see you do it. It’s up to you – you can perform for your husband or boyfriend, or do it more as a workout and focus on that (in other words ‘in front of your cats’ if you don’t have a man).Electra might have noted that while known primarily in the United States for giving staph infections to young girls with bad fathers, in recent years the fitness fad of pole dancing has taken off and done very well in China. Alas, she’s Carmen Electra.To ‘round-out,’ as it were, the interview with Ms Electra, Fox News then went on to ask the 36-year-old about her ongoing romance with fianc