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May 26, 08 admin   News Comments Off on May 26th, 2008: Is the Carmen Electra portable stripper pole an exercise regime to far

So we know that Carmen Electra has her very own stripper pole, which is basically a raunchy exercise regime, however I do worry that this is an exercise regime to far. I just can’t see how dancing against a pole will help you become fit, but what do I know. The stripper pole can be taken anywhere, as it is a fold-away pole. Carman the former sex bomb from Baywatch has said that she is so exited about this new product, she said that you are able to take the stripper pole anywhere, and perform in your living room in front of your TV, or just take it in the bedroom and perform a little show for your husband.I am all for celebrity keep-fit DVD’s but a stripper pole is just a step to far; I hate to think what will be coming next. Carman Electra is engaged to fianc