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2007-December-18 – Carmen Electra presents the weather forecast on US TV in Los Angeles. If you take the photos, credits goes to

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2005 Official Calendar. Thanks to Speakcarmenese.

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2006/2007 – Max Factor 2006/2007. If you take the photos, credits goes to

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2007-December-02 – Cracked Xmas 10 to Benefit The Trevor Project. If you take the photos, credits goes to

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IN THE BEDROOM…NOT JUST FOR FORTUNE COOKIES!Whenever someone cracks open a fortune cookie, there’s usually some good fun to be had by adding the phrase “in the bedroom” to the end of the fortune. Well, due to a lack of fortune, in this case adding that phrase to Carmen Electra’s latest aerobic striptease DVD doesn’t do much. In fact, it’s sort of annoying.Hoping to cash in on the waning sexiness that is Carmen Electra, whoever produces these things decided to double dip and try and catch the striptease exercise craze at the same time. Unfortunately for both the men and women who bought this, there’s no stripping to be had. Sure, there’s champagne, I mean sexy dancing in the video. But you don’t want sexy dancing. You want stripping. And there’s no stripping on the DVD. Okay, all homages to Chris Rock aside, that is absolutely true. And that’s fine. Her little dance routine is sufficiently titillating, even if the outfit is just horrible, and she spends a lot of time rolling around on the bed. But the fact of the matter is this DVD advertises that it is about stripping. That it will teach women how to sexily dance, and remove their clothes, and get in shape all at the same time. But hey, I guess two out of three ain’t bad. There are three sections to this otherwise bare bones release. First is an introduction, with the aging beauty herself, where she thanks us profusely for buying her DVD. I guess she’s getting desperate. Sales must be low. Second is the actual workout, which is also falsely advertised. Aerobics usually means some sort of cardiovascular workout that makes one short of breath and raises the heart rate. The more yoga/pilates style exercises that Carmen has you doing would only raise the heart rate of Roseanne Barr to optimum levels. Then, she can’t even talk and exercise at the same time. She has to do a voice over instead. Wow, too good to talk and work out at the same time? Just for being Dennis Rodman’s wife? That being said, I think that for a toning and stretching routine, her workout would be just fine. It’s unfortunate that it wasn’t billed that way. I guess being on the bed, and having to keep your balance, is supposed to add a level of difficulty that would not otherwise be had in the workout, and thereby help to raise that heart rate.

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This is the 2nd of two recently released fitness routines involving stripteases and starring Carmen Electra. This one is called Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease: Vegas Strip.I didn’t quite know how to review this DVD at first. Would comments include “very bendy” or “nice midriff-baring shirt”? After all, how does one critique a fitness video? DVD Review: Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease – Vegas Strip I don’t know exactly, but I did it by having my wife test out the about 30-minute Burlesque-style routine.She said she definitely felt her heart rate go up and broke a bit of a sweat. My heart rate may have gone up too, but I don’t think it had anything to do with a fitness routine.Having reviewed both new DVD’s in the Aerobic Striptease library, this one is much hotter than In The Bedroom. The clothing is better, lighting a little less cheesy, but at least it’s clear, and Electra looks like she’s having a lot more fun, which makes her routine look much sexier. Get this: there are special features on the Vegas Strip! Who knew fitness videos needed special features! And god are they awful.There are three interviews with the backup dancers and the writer of the routine. Seriously, who cares about the backup dancers and why they are so happy to be dancing with Carmen Electra. And why would this writer admit to working on several television shows and then a cheesy fitness video? These interviews were absolutely ridiculous pieces of filler.Overall, the lady says it’s a good workout and I think Carmen Electra is hot. End result: this is a great gift to give your wife/girlfriend/friend-with-benefits. Don’t we all want to have Carmen Electra’s moves in our bedrooms?Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease: Vegas Strip is available on DVD now. [Source]

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The multi-talented star talks about her new aerobics DVDs, her Super Bowl commercial and Billy BlanksCarmen Electra is one of the sexiest women on the planet, bar none. You look at any of those FHM, Stuff or Maxim polls “sexiest women alive” articles, and she’s up there every year, and that’s if you need more validation aside from just, you know, looking at her. Her latest project is the continuation of her Aerobic Striptease workout videos with two new installments Aerobic Striptease: Vegas Strip and Aerobic Striptease: In the Bedroom, and I had the privelege of speaking with Ms. Electra over the phone about these new DVD’s. For our readers who might not be familiar with the Aerobic Striptease series, can you give us a little breakdown?Carmen Electra: Yes. It’s a DVD series where you can learn how to give a lap dance, do a striptease, get a great aerobic workout, burn calories, learn how to take it off if you want, it’s your choice. You can do it all in the privacy of your own home, which is great. I’ve had a lot of girls who’ve said that they bought the workout series, worked on it for awhile and then surprised their boyfriends for a sexy night where they gave them a striptease or a lap dance. It’s fun. It should be fun, working out should be fun.So how did you become involved in this seriesCarmen Electra: I was performing with the Pussycat Dolls when I was approached by a company who wanted to do a workout series like this. I hired the creator of the Dolls, and as a team we went in and rehearsed and put together this series. These new ones, Vegas Strip and In the Bedroom, are the first new discs in a couple of years. What was the reason for the delay? The new concepts or were you just working on different things?Carmen Electra: Well, when we shot the first series of Aerobic Striptease, we shot five DVD’s, so we slowly put out each DVD and timed it out that they were all done and shot and ready to go. We just started shooting the next series once we felt it was time to work on the next one.

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WITHOUT GOOD GENES and surgical enhancement, most women aren’t going to look like Carmen Electra. But they can rump-shake just like her with enough practice (and step-by-step instructions). Her “Aerobic Striptease” series