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Jan 30, 09 admin   News Comments Off on The perfect party hosts: Jenny McCarthy, Carmen Electra

Even Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra were not immune to the Midwestern migration: Packing up the kids in the car and heading to Florida for vacation.Jenny first came to Tampa from Chicago in a Suburban where air conditioning dripped on her face, her sisters fought over the battery-powered handheld TV and her dad found the family nightly sleeping accommodations at a Holiday Inn … parking lot. Hey, it was just cheaper to sleep in the McCarthymobile.Carmen first came in a family van from Cincinnati, where her older brother tickled her to near-death, and her Floridian cousins told her of gators lurking at every corner.They survived those family vacations and went on to become successful models, actors and TV personalities. Both return to Tampa on Friday to co-host the Sixnnual Leather & Laces Party presented by Texas Energy Holdings to benefit Generation Rescue, an autism research and treatment advocacy organization spearheaded by McCarthy, whose son is autistic. The duo has brought on a third co-host, Dancing with the Stars contestant and TV personality Kim Kardashian.